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We have a strong team of experienced professionals with expertise in different industrial niches. Our business consultants understand the unique challenges faced by small and medium enterprises and accordingly devise strategies to address them.

Our Process

1. Review and Research

Before we start a consultation, our experts perform in-depth review and research of your business, target audience, and competitors. We review your existing digital marketing strategies and their performance. We understand the requirements and preferences of your target audience and the digital marketing efforts of your competitors that are yielding results.

2. Strategy Formulation

Based on the research reports, our professional consultants formulate the right strategies to improve the performance of your digital campaigns. Our consultants discuss the strategies with your team and provide proper training and guidance.

3. Consistent Monitoring & Management

Our team continuously monitors the performance of all your campaigns using the latest analytical tools. We make the necessary tweaks to improve the performance of underperforming campaigns and take steps to increase your conversions.


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Consultation Services

Business Research

Our dedicated business consultants strongly believe in the power of research. We first conduct in-depth research to understand your business requirements, goals and objectives, and your target audience. We also review your existing and past digital marketing strategies and their performance. We prepare detailed reports and a roadmap for your future digital marketing efforts.

User Research

User research is a critical aspect to design a winning digital marketing strategy. Our professional business consultants spend a lot of time in understanding your target audience, their unique requirements and preferences. They also gain knowledge about their browsing habits, online content consumption and preferred social media tools.

Digital Marketing Strategy

The experienced business consultants at VIP Tech prepare a detailed digital marketing plan based on the research reports. A clear marketing plan is what differentiates successful campaigns from others. Most of the businesses fail to develop a digital marketing plan and suffer from the consequences.

User Experience

User experience plays a crucial role in increasing the popularity of your website . They prefer digital products that offer a pleasant and seamless user experience. Our business consultants work in collaboration with the professional website developers and designers, UI/UX testers and UX specialists to test your websites user experience and make necessary tweaks wherever required.

Search Engine Optimization

Our professional SEO services are optimized to generate results to divert traffic for your business. We help your products and services to reach the right kind of demographics with our impeccable SEO services. Outsmart your business competitors with our growth-focused SEO strategies that ensure high online traffic and sales.


Our analytics experts can analyse huge amount of data and matrices to measure the performance of your digital marketing strategies. We use the latest analytical tools to generate trend reports about the hot areas in your domain. Our professionals analyse real-time data and manage your campaigns in an effective manner. We can provide you with customized reports and in-depth analysis.
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Our Recent Work

We work in order to give each project a sense of uniqueness and in terms of Digital Marketing we use strategies focused on increasing the reach & visibility of your business. All in one package.

Let’s work to create your own special concept!